GCP Equivalence Mechanism

The newly revised GCP BCC Equivalence Mechanism is an innovative building block to support continual increases of sustainable coffee purchases across the industry.

A critical enhancement process

A fundamental principle supporting GCP’s vision for a thriving, sustainable coffee sector is to continually increase the demand for and supply of sustainably produced coffees. This is why in 2016 GCP created the Equivalence Mechanism, building on the GCP Baseline Coffee Code(BCC), acting as a supportive foundational framework for various sustainable sourcing schemes that met baseline criteria for coffee sustainability then expressed by the GCP Baseline Coffee Code. 

While recognizing and supporting the pioneer role that certification-like sustainability schemes have in advancing sustainable production and consumption, the updated version of the GCP Equivalence Mechanism (EM 1.2) is designed to accommodate a wider range of sustainability schemes, both private and public sector in a credible way.

The updated version is based on a year-long research process — compiling best practices and interviewing stakeholders on their sourcing schemes. A two-month beta testing phase with four private schemes refined the approach and provided the basis for this updated interim version of the Mechanism. The Baseline Coffee Code is also currently under review and once this has been published, the GCP Equivalent Mechanism will follow.


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