Collective Action Initiatives

GCP Collective Action Initiatives act on identified and prioritized issues at coffee origins that critically affect coffee farmers. In these initiatives companies and organizations work collectively for sustainable impact at coffee origins and at farm level.

Across the world, coffee farmers face a diverse range of threats to their livelihoods, their communities, and their natural environments. Whether labor conditions, water efficiency, or responsible agro-chemical use, each coffee producing country is confronted with their own unique set of challenges and with differing priorities.

GCP Collective Action Initiatives address selected priority issues and coordinate local and international stakeholders, the resources, and the expertise needed to collectively address and act on them.

As these systemic sustainability issues are too big to be dealt with by a single organization, GCP Collective Action Initiatives go beyond a traditional supply chain approach by involving country sustainability platforms, governments, the private sector, research, and NGOs. Results are shared among the local and global coffee community for scaling and replication at the coffee field level and adoption into government and company policies, GCP Collective Action Initiatives are ensuring an environment conducive to long-term sustainability.

Why should I join a GCP Collective Action Initiative?

Participating in a GCP Member Initiative has several advantages which will support you to achieve your sustainability objectives.
They help you to:


greater impact

GCP Collective Action Initiatives have a larger scope due to due to the number, size, of its partners


Increase your

GCP Collective Action Initiatives are communicated across the global coffee community

Platform Exchange

Share costs
and risks

Multiple partners are involved and co-invest

Progress Framework 2

Strengthen your knowledge

Through regular exchange and learning with other partners

Shared Best Practice

Enhance your reputation

Partners of GCP Collective Action Initiatives are increasingly recognized as innovators and sustainability leaders


Save you

GCP coordinates the entire initiative from beginning to end

How do I join a
GCP Collective Action Initiative?

You can join a GCP Member Initiative at any one of its four (4) stages.


The Seed stage is where the sustainability gap is identified. Here, you can co-develop the initiative from the ground up.


The Flower stage lays the roots and brings to life the scope and scale of the initiative. As a Launch Partner, you will determine the final proposal.


The Ripe stage is where additional partners are invited onboard, the planning finalized, and activities begin.

Coffee Bag

The Roasted stage is the moment when the results of the hard work and collaboration can be celebrated and shared.

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Caroline Glowka

Senior Manager Member Relationsemail me

Caroline Glowka

Senior Manager Member Relationsemail me

Caroline is responsible for liaising with existing and potential members of the Global Coffee Platform (GCP). She worked in the mechanical engineering industry and with Fairtrade products in sales and marketing. Her work experience is global in fat and lean countries.

Caroline graduated in Business at the Free University Berlin and has attained additional degrees in Corporate Sustainability Responsibility and is a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional and is based in Bonn.

In her free time she passionately hikes the Alpes, cooks and is active in the local church and drinks her coffee fast.