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The Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI) is a membership-based platform focused on sustainable development of the Indonesian coffee sector. Established in 2015, it focuses on supporting and driving sustainability initiatives at farm level, developing and transferring technical expertise to farmers, advising on policy related to coffee production and sustainability.

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Baseline Standard

20 %

% Sustainable

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Robusta vs. Arabica

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55 %

% Exports



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Country Milestones

Indonesia has prioritized learning and communication in an effort to elevate the knowledge and capability of platform members. Country priorities include developing policies for sourcing, and a Producer Country Policy. The platform also has a focus on technical assistance. Learn more about the history, evolution and achievements of Indonesia’s Country Platform by exploring the timeline below.

NSC for robusta coffee

NSC for Robusta Coffee

National Sustainability Curriculum for robusta coffee developed (2015) and rolled out (2016)

NSC for arabica coffee

NSC for Arabica Coffee

NSC for arabica coffee developed (2016) and rolled out (2017)

Master Trainers Camp

Master Trainers Camp

Master Trainers Camp 2018 to review and update NSCs (2018)

National network

National Network

National network reaches 46 Members, 32 Partners, and 5 Donors (2018)

Measurement Pilot

Measurement Pilot

A pilot to measure NSC adoption in 4 regions was successfully completed (2019)

NEXT: Measure NSC

NEXT: Measure NSC

To scale the ability to measure NSC adoption to more regions (2020)

Platform Members

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