The Delta Framework

The Delta Framework is a multi-stakeholder initiative designed to bridge the gap in measuring and reporting sustainability performance across sustainability standards and agricultural sectors.

It aims to support public and private actors in quantifying their SDG commitments, improving the quality of support and services farmers receive in the future including better financing terms, and creating more favorable government policies that promote sustainability for agricultural sectors.

How will the Delta
Framework benefit me?


Learn more from your data

Feedback mechanisms will be put in place to help make sense of farmer data and information collected at field level. Information will be delivered back to farmers in a usable and efficient way to help farmers learn more about environmental conditions, peer performance and the impact of their agriculture practices.

Added value through open data

Standardised information, and contextualisation of open data sources supports producers with better informed decision-making, learning and knowledge exchange.

Increased awarding potential

The attribution of comparable and credible sustainability performance information to agricultural produce adds additional value to it, ultimately supporting the producer’s claims and aiming at increasing their incentives for further sustainability improvements.

Better services

The nature of unified and standardised sustainability performance data supports farmers through the increased potential for better targeted agricultural policies, extension services and financial support.


Comprehensive overview of your sectors

A common cross-commodity measurement framework for aligned reporting facilitates comprehensive aggregation of information on sustainability issues and performance, both on national and sub-national levels.

Outcome-oriented measurement

Complementing Voluntary Standard Systems (VSS) by adding outcome and impact-based indicators to the practice-based monitoring.

Standardised and comparable reporting

Globally aligned and commonly agreed metrics ensure comparable and more credible reporting on commitments to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Increased positive impact of your policy decisions

Evidence based decision-making for better targeted agricultural policies and services, supporting smallholder producers and ultimately leading to thriving sustainable agricultural sectors at scale.

Private Sector

Save costs

Reduce your data collection efforts thanks to aligned data requirements by key stakeholders across supply chains.

Show impact

Quantify your sustainability impact to add credibility to your claims on sourcing behaviour, also by utilising Voluntary Standard Systems.

What’s your contribution

Quantify your SDG contribution and respond to/be prepared for transparency requirements, e.g. from end-customers in terms of product sustainability attributions.

Improve investment efficiency

Better target your interventions to improve your suppliers performance.

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