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The Global Coffee Platform is the leading facilitator of the coffee sector’s journey towards sustainability. The GCP improves the livelihoods, ecosystems and resilience of coffee farming communities and the sector as a whole by enabling producers, international roasters, governments, traders, and NGOs to align and multiply their efforts and investments, collectively act on local priorities and critical issues, and grow and scale successful sustainability initiatives across the coffee world.

The coffee sector is entering a new era where sustainability is a shared responsibility. With the aim to prevent duplication or short-term projects developed in isolation, the Global Coffee Platform believes that only through working together under a common vision and commitment will we see greater impact in the resilience and livelihoods of coffee farming communities around the world. By engaging with all stakeholders in the coffee sector, whether small, medium or large, a global agenda is formed with farmers at its core. This global agenda is the voice of the coffee community and all members of the Global Coffee Platform can contribute, shape and participate in achieving this global vision.

Leadership in sustainability

GCP works with key stakeholders to promote coffee sustainability and act for real change.

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Active Collective Action

GCP works by a bottom-up approach, uniting both public and private sector actors to create a common vision on the most critical sustainability challenges at a producing country level and feeding these national priorities into a global agenda. The GCP then offers all coffee stakeholders, large and small, the opportunity to engage in this global agenda through Collective Action Initiatives. Addressing the most pressing challenges, these coordinated groups aim to improve the effectiveness of sustainability programs and contribute to greater impact on the livelihoods of coffee farming communities and the natural environment of coffee production areas around the world.

Members of the Global Coffee Platform are not only changing the future of the coffee world for the better, they are also changing the way they do business – for the better. Through collaboration, joint action and leveraging of resources, the GCP and its Members:

  • Contribute to and harvest greater impact at farm level through aligned programs
  • Participate in strategy development and implementation
  • Establish suitable finance mechanisms
  • Showcase leadership in sustainability
  • Improve the effectiveness of sustainability programs
  • Access field level projects
  • Engage in dialogue with the public sector

Learn about GCP’s focus areas:

Baseline Common Code

Coffee Sustainability Reference Code


GCP Call to Action

Economic Viability of Farming

Living income


Data & Measurement

Climate Change

Climate change


Gender Equity in Coffee

GCP’s dynamic network of country platforms

Country Platforms enable tailored solutions to local priorities and a more effective allocation of resources. Country Platforms are a conduit for discussing and influencing policy as well as for defining the levels of training needed. GCP’s nine country platforms create a forum in which the voices of stakeholders are not just heard, but listened to.

We connect all corners of the coffee world through a dynamic network of members, partners, and country platforms

We connect all corners of the coffee world through a dynamic network of members, partners, and country platforms

To enable collective action on the systemic sustainability issues impacting on farmer livelihoods

Member Initiatives

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    Strategic Collaboration

    Through our MoU, GCP and ICO collaborate to increase awareness of sustainability in the coffee sector in the broader work of ICO. GCP brings private sector and Civil Society perspectives, as well as lessons learned and successes from its work with country platforms and Collective Action and co-investment initiatives that improve the enabling environment for sustainable coffee production and address major sustainability gaps in collaboration, which is disseminated amongst ICO´s networks to improve practices in the sector.

    IDH has been a strategic partner of GCP since its creation in 2016, supporting sustainability platforms and their programs in key coffee producing countries including Brazil, Honduras, Vietnam, Indonesia and Uganda. IDH and GCP share a vision to ensure that coffee production leads to improved livelihood, that coffee is grown in resilient production ecosystems, that communities with a stake in the coffee sector are profiting and that the sector as a whole is profitable.

    Partnerships For Forests (P4F) is an eight-year programme funded by the UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). The programme catalyses investments in which the private sector, public sector and communities can achieve shared value from sustainable forests and sustainable land use.

    GCP´s strategic cooperation agreement with the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), through GIZ, has enabled and supported the creation of a new Country Coffee Platform in Kenya. In 2019-2020 this collaboration will extend to the preparations towards a new Country Platform in Ethiopia, engaging and supporting Ethiopian stakeholders on their sustainability journey. GCP and GIZ also collaborate to advance public and private sustainability efforts, and to contribute to 100% sustainably sourced coffee for the German market that meets at least the level of the Baseline Coffee Code.

    The 5 year strategic partnership agreement between Rainforest Alliance and GCP pursues the strengthening of Country Platforms and their secretariats as facilitators of multi-stakeholder dialogues and collective action in different coffee producing countries. At a global scale, the two organizations will continue to identify opportunities to support Collective Action Co-investment Initiatives (GCP Collective Action Initiatives) among local and global coffee stakeholders and GCP Members based on country & global priority issues.

    The African Fine Coffees Association (AFCA) is a regional non profit, non political, member-driven association representing coffee sectors in 11 member countries

    Through our MoU, GCP and the Sustainable Coffee Challenge have been working collaboratively on the Sustainably Framework, which seeks to provide clarity and inspiration on how the sector can advance sustainably towards Vision 2030. The Framework has been operationalised with aligned metrics through GCP´s Coffee Data project.