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Members of the Global Coffee Platform are not only changing the future of the coffee world for the better,
they are also changing the way they do business. Joint action on issues facing the coffee sector, means we have the benefit of leverage, a sharing and dispersal of risk, and a combined strength for broadscale action. Being part of a platform also means learning from each other and sharing knowledge and best practices. The goal of the GCP is to ensure coffee sustainability – for all involved. By bringing companies and organizations together in pre-competitive collaboration, we are able to concentrate our efforts on the issues most critical to the coffee sector and coffee-growing communities.

Benefits of GCP Membership

GCP Members enjoy a range of benefits that enable them to reduce and share their costs, make smarter investments and business decisions, and ultimately multiply their individual contributions to make an impact far greater than by going it alone. Benefits include:


Enhance sustainable brand visibility


Shape collective strategy to tackle sustainability issues


Protect long-term diversity of coffee origins and qualities 

Economic Viability of Farming

Support profitable coffee farming for smallholders

Funding Resources

Increase sustainability impact by leveraging your resources through targeted collective investing  


Participate in GCP’s Collective Action Initiatives with special GCP member conditions


Use common sustainability measurement metrics to make progress in sustainability visible

Network with coffee champions across the sector

Tackle complex sustainability challenges together​

Increased activities at field level

Scale key sustainability practices using GCP Tools​

Enhance sustainable brand visibility​

Stay up to date with global regulatory developments​​

Increase knowledge and skills​

Shape collective strategy to tackle sustainability issues

Increase impact through targeted collective investing

Expand sustainable sourcing pathways ​

Advance critical systemic change

Support profitable coffee farming for smallholders​

Boost corporate sustainability strategy and reputation

Protect long-term diversity of coffee origins and qualities

Start increasing your impact

GCP’s Membership Manager will get in touch to find out what your sustainability strategy is and how GCP Membership can help you
achieve your goals today!
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We connect all corners of the coffee world through a dynamic network of members, partners, and country platforms

We connect all corners of the coffee world through a dynamic network of members, partners, and country platforms

To enable collective action on the systemic sustainability issues impacting on farmer livelihoods

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