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The Vietnamese coffee industry has been developing successfully over the past decades, becoming one of the world largest producers. Robusta coffee production in Vietnam accounting for more than 90% of Vietnam’s total output has an average annual turnover of around US$3 billion each year, equivalent to over 10% of Vietnam’s agricultural exports. However, predicted challenges from growing areas on a global scale, negative impacts of climate change and other increasing risks and externalities, Vietnam is working hard towards greater coffee sustainability, adapting production models and further developing best production practices at all segments in the coffee value chain nationally and regionally to increase resilience against the climate change and provide economic certainty to smallholder producers.

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Total Production (MT)

Baseline Standard

55 %

% Sustainable

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Robusta vs. Arabica

Working Stream

94,18 %

% Exports



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Country Milestones

Learn more about the history, evolution and achievements of Vietnam’s Country Platform.

Program to rejuvenate

National Sustainable Curricula

The National Sustainable Curricula for Robusta updated and rolled out.

Pilot project

Farm Code System

The GCP Progress Tool (Farm Code System in Vietnam context) was successfully piloted in Di Linh district (Lam Dong province).


Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board

The Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board strengthened and supported.

Water storage and source creating

Intercropping Handbook

Intercropping Handbook (Vietnam) developed and rolled out.

Effectiveness of agro-forestry

GCP Progress Tool

GCP Progress Tool was successfully replicated in Krong Nang Districe (Dak Lak province)

NEXT: Market information system

GCP Collective Action Initiative

GCP Collective Action Initiative: More Coffee with Less Water implemented and results disseminated to coffee actors.

NEXT: NSC compliance +

GCP Collective Action Initiative developed

GCP Collective Action Initiative on the Responsible Use of Agro-inputs in Vietnam.

Platform Goals:

GCP Progress Tool to be reviewed and replicated.

NSC for Arabica to be developed and rolled out.

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