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Country Platforms are locally driven initiatives which allow national and international, and public and private sector stakeholders to collectively identify country-specific priorities and work together to address them.

We connect all corners of the coffee world through a dynamic network of members, partners, and country platforms


As the issues faced by coffee farmers vary from country to country and sustainability efforts are often overlapping or fragmented, Country Platforms enable tailored solutions to local priorities and a more effective allocation of resources. These Country Coffee Sustainability Platforms are a conduit for discussing and jointly acting on coffee sustainability as well as influencing policy towards a conducive enabling environment for sustainable, profitable coffee production. GCP supports interested public and private coffee stakeholders in coffee producing countries to establish Country Platforms, drive alignment, continuous improvement and collective action. GCP’s Network of Country Platforms connects coffee leaders in producing countries for exchange and learning, allowing to accelerate progress and scale best practices.

We connect all corners of the coffee world through a dynamic network of members, partners, and country platforms

To enable collective action on the systemic sustainability issues impacting on farmer livelihoods

Member Initiatives

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    Collective Action Initiatives

    A GCP Collective Action Initiative has companies and organizations leverage their resources to collectively improve an identified issue for coffee at origin. The results and learnings are shared with the coffee sector to scale results.

    Roasters, retailers, producers, traders and NGOs are now invited to contribute to a Collective Action Initiative. Co-funders will provide input to addressing a critical issue, while leveraging their financial investment by joining others to achieve greater scale and scope. GCP Collective Action Initiatives mean there is a shared risk, however there are also shared benefits as you harvest together.