GCP Members step up to transparently report sustainable coffee purchases

As part of the efforts to advance sector transparency and inspire increasing sustainable coffee purchases, GCP is extending the invitation to Collective Reporting to all roasters and retailers, who can now get involved in the next round of reporting on 2021 coffee volumes. Collective Reporting confirms the commitment to increasing transparency and sharing the progress made on sustainable coffee purchasing as one way to propel coffee sustainability.

“Following GCP Members’ endorsement of our new strategy, it’s been an exciting start of the year with February seeing the kick-off of the GCP Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases, the addition of two newly recognized sustainability schemes  – Enveritas Green and Mercon LIFT – and the commitment from additional roasters to start reporting on their sustainable coffee purchases,” says Annette Pensel, Executive Director of GCP.

As part of GCP’s global strategy, this year will also see the public consultation on the revision of the Equivalence Mechanism.

“It is encouraging to see great strides being taken by GCP Members to advance coffee sustainability – a clear indication of GCP Members’ commitment to action.”

Annette Pensel, Executive Director, GCP

The reporting programme will culminate with the publication, envisaged for July, of the third edition of the GCP Snapshot – focussing on 2021 coffee volumes, providing the coffee sector with key information about transparent and measurable progress. 

With the reporting framework in place and initial positive results already recorded by participating companies and major coffee sustainability standards, GCP’s Collective Reporting will track the sector’s move towards sustainable sourcing based on aligned, comparable metrics and provide key information to all segments of the value chain, as well as the public sector.

Reporting starts in March and if you decide to join now, you are very welcome. Any queries can be answered by Caroline Glowka:

Caroline Glowka

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