Got metrics? The compelling case for gender equity

Demonstrating impact is key to building a strong business and development case for gender equity in the coffee sector. This workshop will present existing impact data from relevant organizations, share challenges and successes, and build a road map for greater collaboration on learning and innovation on gender in coffee. What tools or data are needed to encourage action? What additional research is needed to strengthen the business case? How to communicate and articulate this impact?

When: February 14th, 2019

Where: AFCA Conference 2019

Join an engaging session to:

  • Learn from current practice on measuring the impact of gender work in in coffee
  • Discuss key challenges and opportunities to build a compelling evidence base through a shared impact measurement framework
  • Determine ways to accelerate gender equity by working in collaboration on #gendermetrics and leveraging the latest research and tools

A key focus will be on the recent collaborative work by Twin, The CQI Partnership for Gender Equity (PGE), the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) and their partners to begin to measure impact in line with the Common Measurement Framework (CMF) for strengthening gender equity in the coffee value chain. Panelists from will talk about some their practical experience and challenges to measure change along the supply chain from farm to end-market.

Workshop Agenda for February 14th

14.30 Welcome Twin and PGE

14.35Panel and Q&A: What’s Working So Far? A number of companies and projects have been using different ways of measuring impact of interventions on gender in coffee. What have we learned? What challenges do we face? Panelists along the value chain will present briefly on how they measure impact of gender interventions and how they use the data to encourage change in their organizations. The panel will be followed by a facilitated discussion with Q&A from participants.

Panelists: Twin, coffee cooperative members , Taylors of Harrogate

15.35 – Grab a coffee between sessions!

15.40 – Got #GenderMetrics? The Foundation of Evidence: An interactive session for participants to share and learn about the metrics companies are tracking for gender equity in coffee. Bring the list of indicators your company tracks and we’ll discuss some of the trends – and challenges – in collecting data-based evidence for gender equity. Companies active in gender measurement will share key successes applying #gendermetrics.

16:40 – Catalyzing Industry Action: See how existing initaitiveas such as the Learning and Innovation Hub can help you collect the gender equity data you need and address some of the industry challenges raised today.

17.00 – Close

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