Renewed Coffee Commitment for Sustainability

Colombia’s Renewed Coffee Commitment for Sustainability and New Set of Goals

The main organizations of the Colombian coffee sector will continue working on the Sustainable Trade Platform for the coffee chain sustainability in the country. Representatives of several key organizations of the coffee sector in Colombia, defined the new goals of the Sustainable Trade Platform – STP for 2020 – and committed to continue working together to achieve them.

The new agenda prioritizes mitigation and adaptation to climate change; good use of soil, water and biodiversity; social responsibility with all the chain workers; competitiveness of the sector and fulfillment of the expectations of Colombian coffee consumers.

Concrete Goals

By 2020 the members of the Platform expect that the sustainable productivity of coffee per hectare will have increased by at least 25%, improving the income to the producers.

In addition, by that time, they consider important to have achieved that 50% of the country’s coffee families generate profitability, with surplus investment, thanks to the cultivation of coffee.

Keys to Succeed

During the event, the members of the STP coffee program highlighted the importance of a joint search for funding sources. They also considered the relevance of the involvement of the State as guarantor in the fulfillment of the objectives and in the development of public policies that strengthen the sector.

According to Cristian Soto, representative of the National Federation of Coffee Growers, the STP is an initiative that gives people the possibility to converge, dialogue and confront. “I think we should keep this questioning and the best way is talking to our colleagues” he explained.

On the other hand, Ana María Agudelo from Expocafe, defined the Platform as an example of quality and commitment. “I highlight the reliability and the fact they have been able to get the best of each company and bring it to this scenario,” she said.

The new commitment comes after the first phase of the STP, during which more than half of the coffee produced in the country was sustainable.

Check 2020 Goals (In Spanish) and the First Phase achievements (in Spanish)

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