More than just a report: Coffee Barometer 2018

With the release of the 2018 Coffee Barometer, a collaboration of Conservation International, COSA, Hivos, Oxfam-Worldshops, Safe Platform and Solidaridad, the GCP praises the work and cooperation of its members in publishing such an insightful account of the challenges and opportunities facing the sustainability of the coffee sector and a clear call to more action and investments. As a leading multi-stakeholder initiative in the sector, the GCP believes:

  1. We as a sector need to move away from a preference for predominantly short-term gains and move towards more long-term commitments, investments, co-responsibility, and a shared sustainability journey that benefits all parts of the coffee chain.
  2. Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) are an important supply chain tool to foster uptake of sustainability practices and provide assurance. Complementarily, GCP supports the report’s call for companies, governments, and investors to start investing more in order to tackle some of the most pressing systemic sector issues.
  3. The sector does direly need a consensus on a few but essential, common indicators and metrics that all stakeholders can use to measure sustainability performance and progress and report this consistently and with greater efficiency. GCP is therefore engaging local and global stakeholders together with partners such as the Sustainable Coffee Challenge, COSA and International Coffee Organization to discuss and test indicators and metrics in combination with different tools including: National Coffee Sustainability Curricula, the Baseline Coffee Code, and GCP Progress, an online tool to collect, measure, and analyze this individual and collective performance.
  4. GCP has always actively facilitated the voice of coffee producers, and it’s work focusses on positive change in coffee producing countries. We therefore continue to call on all representatives from producer organizations and civil society to join the GCP and utilize the opportunity to shape government and company policies, improve the business environment for coffee production and ultimately the future of their coffee sectors.

Considering the observations reported in the Coffee Barometer, the GCP invites all coffee stakeholders, from both private and public sectors, to actively engage in the opportunities for local action and targeted investment offered through GCP and its partnering National Coffee Sustainability Platforms. These investments aim to address sustainability gaps more effectively as they are based on localy determined priorities.

Check out the Coffee Barometer 2018