5 Reasons to participate in the GCSC18

With the Global Coffee Sustainability Conference launching its early bird next week, you might be wondering what is there for you in the most important coffee sustainability event of the year. Great speakers? Sustainability innovation workshops? First-hand information on coffee issues? Unique ambience only Brazilians can offer? Yes to every item, but those are just a few characteristics of what you will be able to experience between the 8th and 10th of November in Belo Horizonte. Let’s explore together the advantages of joining the GCSC18.

Improve your sustainability investments through a clear sector agenda and activities

As 2019 starts, you will remember the taste of a typical Brazilian cup of coffee, the one you tasted in Belo Horizonte during the GCSC18 while finding out how the sector planned to drive the discussion around coffee sustainability next year. Consider the conference as an outlet to know where to invest best. The sessions are crafted to deliver key information on what’s coming in the coffee world, so be assured that the you will be not only in the capital of the biggest coffee producing state in Brazil, but also in the heart of the coffee sustainability discussion.

This will be an ideal moment to talk your peers, which take us to the next item…

Build a dedicated network to strengthen existing or establish new business partners

What is sustainability without collective action? In the GCSC18, key coffee stakeholders will participate and present their own developments in coffee sustainability. It is not only your chance to increase your knowledge but to create (or reinforce) a solid network with people who may widen your reach in any specific topic. Interested in getting involved in water preservation in Vietnam? Wondering how Brazilian farmers are improving their use of agrochemicals? Expand your network and don’t lose this opportunity.

Talking about opportunities, are you looking for concrete coffee sustainability projects to invest and scale impact?

Discover, develop and or join local action initiatives

The GCSC18 will feature, for the first time, pre-competitive local action initiatives created by coffee stakeholders and joined by other representatives in the industry. The “GCP Collective Action Initiatives” aim to multiply efforts optimize investments and contribute to solve concrete problems in a coffee region.

Some of them are already running in Vietnam and Brazil, take a look at some Collective Action Initiatives here

Get a glimpse at the latest innovations, trends, and best practices in coffee sustainability

Learning by experience is always fruitful, but what if you can save time and money by learning from what others have built? What if you could implement an already-stablished system, tool or policy? What if you could work with others to benefit your business or your supply chain? GCSC will offer three Innovation sessions to connect the dots and guide you to the best sustainability solutions for your organization.

Check the Program here

Witness the advantages of global & local collaboration

Several global and local partners will bringing the GCSC18 to you. Rather than an isolated effort, the most important coffee sustainability event of the year is a clear declaration of true meaningful collaboration. This event is built to take the industry one step closer to concrete action at origin through global participation. Who is behind the conference (so far)? take a look:

Bonus I: Highlights GCSC 2017

We had great discussions last year in Geneva, were you there? Resemble those moments or get to know the highlights of the event and get excited about what is coming in November. See you in Belo Horizonte!

Remember, don’t miss the chance to get your tickets next week by visiting our GCSC18 website.

Bonus II. If you are a GCP Member, your opinion will shape our future

As a GCP member, you will have the opportunity to exercise your right to vote and steer our organization’s priorities. This is also an exclusive chance to connect with fellow members and get to know new ones. With new initiatives, new platforms and project facilitated by GCP, you should make sure to jump on board and start collaborating to scale the impact of your sustainability journey.

See the program for the Membership Assembly here (click on day 2)

Non-Members: considering joining the Global Coffee Platform? Click here and we will contact you!