GCP Vietnam is awarded by Ministry of Foreign Affairs for significant contributions to sustainable development

GCP Vietnam has been recognized for positive contributions to Vietnam’s economic, and social development in 2023 by the Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations (VUFO), an agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

GCP Vietnam was recognized alongside other international non-governmental organizations for providing extensive training to farmers on sustainable coffee production and occupational safety and health best practices in coffee production. In 2023, GCP collaborated with the government, international organizations, and the private sector to deliver training to more than 37,000 farmers in the Central Highlands and Northwest of Vietnam.

These trainings, endorsed by Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture, used the National Sustainability Curricula (NSC) for Arabica and Robusta coffee, and provided technical knowledge and hands-on practices. Topics include raising productivity and crop quality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions uring coffee producing, as well as building awaress on prohibited substances and their risks.

Women, particularly ethnic minority women, were encouraged to join in the training and gender equality was ensured with at least 50% of the attendees to the training sessions being women.

We are honored to receive this recognition from Vietnam Union of Friendship Organizations for our work in Vietnam. That is a wonderful encouragement to keep striving for excellence and making a difference for the coffee industry in Vietnam. This recognition also motivates us to continue growing and addressing the increasing challenges of the industry with GCP Members and partners.

Trung Pham, Program Manager of GCP Vietnam

This recognition helps to propel the collective achievements by Vietnamese GCP Members, government agencies and partners to the next level: GCP Vietnam’s Country Plan for Farmer Prosperity aims to ensure the prosperity of 215,000 coffee farmers and increase their income by 25%, while improving workplace safety and health, and conserving the natural resources, measured by the reduction of carbon emissions from coffee production activities by 25% by 2030. These goals contribute to the overall GCP 2030 Goal of transformational change for more than one million coffee farmers in more than 10 countries.

“This work would have been impossible without the essential support and collaboration of our GCP Members, partners, and sustainability champions who we share the vision for a thriving and sustainable coffee sector for generations to come. Pre-competitive collaboration and shared responsibility for coffee sustainability are key for success,” said Pham.

“I call on all GCP Members, and other actors, to please join in and accelerate our collective actions for a sustainable and prosperous coffee sector in Vietnam.”

GCP Vietnam’s Program Manager, Trung Pham, receiving the award during the ceremony held in Hanoi on 26 December. Photo courtesy of GCP Vietnam

Trung Pham

Program Manager Vietnamemail me