Collective Action is Stronger:
Invitation to GCP Members

Deforestation, climate change, regulation compliance, human rights… the list of coffee sustainability challenges is long. But for six countries within the GCP Network, the development of long-term Country Plans for Farmer Prosperity that address the most critical issues impacting farmer prosperity at origin have been developed with key support from GCP Members, resulting in the shaping of long-term Country Plans for Farmer Prosperity.  

The GCP 2030 Goal of transformational change on the prosperity of more than one million smallholder coffee farmers in 10 countries reflects the urgent need to effectively address and overcome coffee farming’s lack of economic viability as underlying systemic problem in the sector that threatens the stability of coffee supply chains. Actioning this goal is defined by reducing the living income gap by 25% for at least one million smallholder farmers, a milestone towards ultimately eliminating the living income gap and achieving sustained farmer prosperity, improved well-being, and conservation of nature.

The plans outline the long-term strategies running up to 2030 with concrete activities. To track progress, indicators have been identified to measure achievements towards farmer prosperity, but to achieve these ambitious and essential goals, unprecedented collective action from across the coffee sector is required.

Having developed solid, scalable, locally owned plans that address farmer prosperity in holistic ways connected to topics such as climate change, working conditions, regenerative agricultural practices, improving supply chain efficiencies or maintaining market access, it is clear that collaboration is key to achieve greater scale and scope. All GCP Members are invited to work collectively, leverage their resources and skills, and contribute to the successful delivery of these innovative GCP Country Plans.

You are invited to join the conversation!

Members supporting the Country Plans are invited to participate in country specific Advisory Groups. These will consist of about four to five member representatives to advise and cross-consult on strategic direction, resource mobilization and successful execution for the respective entrepreneurial Country Plan.

The GCP Advisory Groups will aim to offer essential advice and input to the Country teams in support of the successful delivery of the ambitious, entrepreneurial Country Plans during the Crawl phase of execution, which will run through to 2026. We’re looking for committed individuals with substantial entrepreneurial experience along with a problem-solving mindset, and knowledge of the respective coffee producing country and its sustainability challenges.

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