“Collectively Building on Progress” is the title of the 4C Association Annual Report 2014. Indeed the 4C Association had great achievements in 2014 thanks to the collective effort and commitment of its members over the last few years.

In order to fulfil its vision of a thriving, sustainable sector for generations to come, the 4C Association took some decisive steps in 2014:

1) Finalization of the new 4C Code of Conduct, making it more inclusive and effective for coffee farmers.

2) Initiation of crucial projects such as providing alternative solutions to hazardous pesticides and building a community- owned online portal for sustainable supply chain development.

3) Assuming a leadership role in Vision 2020, an inclusive sector-wide alliance together with the public sector that will collectively address challenges and vulnerabilities to ensure the resilience and livelihoods of farming communities.

Do you want to find out what else the members of the 4C Association achieved in 2014? Then take a look inside! Read the report online or download a PDF copy by clicking on the link below.

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