GCP Member Exchange: Collaboration on EU Deforestation Legislation

31 / May / 23

05 / May / 23

GCP Member Exchange: Collaboration on EU Deforestation Legislation

The EU deforestation legislation is in the process of being ratified, compliance will start in 2024 and will be rolled out further in 2025.

As companies and organizations are searching for and working on approaches and solutions to comply with the new legislation, challenges emerge and mount.

GCP invites its members to come together and exchange on concrete challenges and possible solutions and to explore where a pre-competitive collaborative approach could be advanced.

The EU deforestation legislation will affect the whole supply chain and how it works. Let’s explore how and on what we can work together to find efficient approaches bringing together the coffee consuming and producing worlds avoiding duplication and waste of precious resources.

Input speakers:

  • Legislation status – Isabelle Lemmens, ECF. “Status of EU deforestation legislation enforcement.”
  • Roaster perspective: Stefan Dierks, Melitta Group. “A roaster perspective on EU deforestation legislation.” 
  • Trade perspective: Olivier Laboulle, Louis Dreyfus Company “Opportunities for pre-competitive collaboration to meet the EU requirements on non-deforestation”
  • Origin perspective: Reint Bakema, Uganda Coffee Platform
    Practical Implications of EU deforestation legislation in Uganda
  • Producer perspective: Maciel Aleomir da Silva, Confederação da Agricultura e Pecuária do Brasil (CNA). “A producer perspective on EU deforestation legislation.” 

Please note: This exchange invites GCP Members to explore challenges and possible approaches but will not inform about the details and facets of the legislation. If you would like to familiarize yourself with the EU deforestation legislation, the following links may be helpful:

31 May 15:00 CEST | 09:00 EDT

GCP Members Only