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01 / Nov / 22

02 / Nov / 22

GCP to join leaders to discuss urgent challenges in commodity supply chains

In November, 250+ sustainability leaders, including GCP’s Annette Pensel, will once again come together to discuss the biggest issues faced by business in ensuring sustainable and resilient agricultural supply chains.

Innovation Forum’s Sustainable Landscapes and Commodities Forum (1-2 November, Amsterdam) will debate and showcase real world solutions to the most pressing and urgent challenges in commodity supply chains. With a focus on forests, farmers, land, and livelihoods, it’ll look at what’s driving value chain change and how business is working to deliver on increasingly difficult sustainability targets.

See more information on the conference website.

Agenda highlights include:

  • The landscape approach to sustainable sourcing: How do we scale – and communicate – the landscape approach
  • The roadmap to 2030 to 2040 to 2050: The role of sustainable sourcing in your net zero strategy
  • Carrot vs stick: What’s the right balance between regulation and incentives to drive low carbon sourcing and deliver social equity?
  • A forest positive future: Is ‘deforestation-free’ still the right ambition for business?
  • Understanding incentives: Why social opportunities are key to engage local actors in landscape initiatives
  • Soil carbon measurement and standardisation: How do we get to critical mass?
  • Landscape and forest restoration: Examples that have worked to date and the role of business in a community led approach
  • Boosting biodiversity: What does a credible biodiversity strategy look like?
  • Farmer livelihoods: The financing, training and partnerships that can close the living income gap and boost farmer livelihoods
  • Regenerative agriculture: What progress has been made to date and what data exists to demonstrate impact?
  • Climate risk and adaption: How to prepare farmers for the effects of climate change
  • Supply chain carbon: How do you get smallholder farmers to participate in carbon credit generation schemes?
  • Sustainable rural development: How business can take a more holistic approach to build community resilience and ensure economic, social and environmental sustainability
  • Cross-commodity collaboration on landscape approaches: What does this look like in practice and how can we achieve scale?

Join us in Amsterdam with Annette Pensel and other senior representatives from organisations such as Dole Foods, The Kraft Heinz Company, Natura & Co, APRIL, Tyson Foods, Reckitt, Cargill, Tesco, The Hershey Company, Golden Agri-Resources, Barry Callebaut, IKEA, Henkel, Proforest, Airbus, METRO, Rainforest Alliance, Norges Bank Investment Management, DIAGEO, Tropical Forest Alliance, Vizzuality, Tony’s Chocolonely, Satelligence, and many more!

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Delegates are strongly encouraged to join as a team to ensure you don’t miss anything across the breakout sessions.

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We hope to see you in Amsterdam in November!