GCP Equivalence Mechanism Revision Webinar

03 / Nov / 22

03 / Nov / 22

GCP Equivalence Mechanism webinar

The GCP Equivalence Mechanism is an innovative building block to support continual increases of purchases of coffee produced following baseline practices of sustainability across the industry.

Building on the recent publication of the Coffee Sustainability Reference Code (previously known as Baseline Coffee Code) the Equivalence Mechanism has been updated through a broad public consultation to reflect the changes in the newly revised Code, as well as to consider system aspects (Operational Criteria) that reflect good practices and users’ expectations of credible schemes.

Join the webinar to learn about the revised Equivalence Mechanism and how it will contribute to the sector and the drive for coffee sustainability.

The Equivalence Mechanism will be published on 3 November during the launch event. You can read more about the revision here.