GCP East Africa Field Days

06 / Sep / 22

06 / Sep / 22

GCP’s East African Field Days take You to Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda

Participate and hear about:
1) Improving farmer income and the production of sustainable coffee across East Africa through a new partnership between the Global Coffee Platform and Partnerships for Forests including:

Regenerative agricultural practices, enhancing governance structures, improving National Sustainability Curricula

2) GCP’s Network of Country Platforms in East Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda, will take you through their current and coming activities:

– Kenya: Strategy development of the platform, establishing a living income benchmark, piloting agro-forestry, farmer training, capacity building
– Tanzania: Enhancing National Sustainability Curriculum with agro-forestry
– Uganda: New GCP Collective Action Initiative, youth employment, diversifying income through agro-forestry, increasing coffee yields and farmers income, open-source Sustainable Coffee Extension training

Read more about this partnership here.