GCP Country Plans for Farmer Prosperity

Collective Action for Impact 
Country Plans for Farmer Prosperity

Calling all GCP Members: Let’s work collectively for impact!

We invite you to join us for this special one-hour, fast-paced online session.  We’ll explore how collective action opportunities in GCP’s Country Plans for Farmer Prosperity will help achieve our shared goal to create transformational change for over one million coffee farmers in 10 countries by 2030.

Session highlights will include:

  • Quick review of GCP’s strategy pillars – Towards Sustainable Sourcing and Country Plans for Farmer Prosperity – to achieve our shared GCP goals
  • Key refinements to Country Plans since the GCP December 2022 Membership Assembly, and the GCP Mentor Program
  • Overview of collective action opportunities to create impact at scale by 2030 and beyond with GCP’s Network of Country Platform
  • Next steps refining Country Plans for Farmer Prosperity to be presented at GCP’s upcoming in-person Membership Assembly and Country Congress in Bonn, Germany, 27-28 June 2023

March 21st 14:00-15:00 CET / 9:00-10:am Eastern Time

Please join us and encourage your colleagues to do the same!

Join us for further insights on opportunities for collective action for sustainable impact via the GCP Country Plans for Farmer Prosperity, an integral part of our new two-tiered strategy of achieving our shared 2030 goal to create “transformational change for one million coffee farmers in 10 countries by 2030.” This session will provide GCP Members with an overview of the opportunities to get involved and benefits, and a brief update on the Country Plan’s development since the December 2022 Membership Assembly. The session will also outline the roadmap for further shaping and refining the Country Plans through to the June 2023 in-person Membership Assembly.

Lauren Weiss

Senior Manager Countries and Partnershipsemail me