Meeting Members: Over a cup of coffee with Aldea Coffee

GCP welcomes Aldea Coffee to the membership community! In this Meeting Members feature, GCP learns more about the company’s sustainability goals and we find out how the new member is looking to work with and through GCP to achieve these.

Aldea Coffee is a company of small coffee producers founded in Jinotega, Nicaragua. With a solid history and innovative vision, Aldea has become a benchmark in the coffee industry and a prominent example in the region thanks to its focus on sustainability and membership. Working closely with 5,053 rural women, our company has managed to boost sustainable coffee production and strengthen the farming community.

Aldea Coffee prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and fair trade, represented by the brand “Tierra Madre”. This brand is a testament to our commitment to gender equality and the legalization of land in the name of women producers. Coffee grown by women generates funds to support this important project, making a significant difference in the lives of many rural families.

One of the highlights of the company is our industrial plant located in Asturias, Jinotega, Nicaragua. This modern plant is a role model in Central America due to its cutting-edge technology consisting of automated equipment that allows processing of 240,000 quintals of Gold Coffee (equivalent to 46 kg). In addition, the plant has 9 silos of 20,000 quintals each and an automated cooling system that maintains optimal conditions for the coffee.

The use of sustainable cultivation methods and natural shade on the farms ensures that the coffee is produced responsibly and respectful of the local ecosystem.

To promote membership and digital inclusion in the agricultural community, Aldea uses an online traceability system that allows to follow the path of the coffee, from the farm to the shipment, guaranteeing quality and compliance with sustainable practices. In addition, the Aldea Móvil app provides small coffee farmers with the possibility of making online inquiries about certifications, coffee prices and other transactions.

Aldea Coffee shares a strong commitment to sustainability in small-scale producer farms. The implementation of the Coffee Sustainability Reference Code in these farms has resulted in highly satisfactory work.

Adhering to the practices outlined in the Coffee SR Code and complying with its principles has provided Aldea Coffee’s producer members with the ability to effectively protect their natural resources, including biodiversity, soil, and water. This, in turn, has made them more resilient to climate change.

We continue to strive consistently to lead our small-scale producers toward the same sustainability vision that Aldea Coffee represents, with the hope that the fruits of our hard work will thrive

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The words and images have been provided by Aldea Coffee.

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