Meeting Members: Over a cup of coffee with SIMEXCO DAKLAK

Daklak September 2nd Import-Export Company Limited (Simexco Daklak ), a state-owned company, is recognized as one of the leading Vietnam coffee exporters. Founded in 1993, Simexco Daklak has built up a dynamic purchasing network directly from the farm gates and plantations, offering training and quality control systems in our key coffee growing areas, and invested in modern coffee processing factory. 2023 marks the 30-year anniversary of Simexco Daklak.

Since 2009, Simexco Daklak has cooperated with cooperatives, coffee farmers in Daklak and leading international organizations to introduce sustainable farming practices, improving high-quality coffee processing techniques and processes, responding to climate change, and reducing greenhouse gases emissions with the aim of improving the value of Daklak Robusta coffee products and increasing income for farmers. To date, the company’s purchasing and export capacity has reached more than 100,000 tons of green bean coffee per year, exporting to 125 countries and territories around the world.

Sustainability is at the heart of our company’s work. Not only focusing on improving yield and quality of coffee, but we have also been implementing various activities to ensure social well-being for coffee farmers and their families, such as: program on gender equality, child labour, occupational safety and health for farmers and workers at workplace, supporting indigenous and vulnerable groups. The company pays special attention to environmental dimension as it contributes great impact to the entire supply chain. We are applying a code of conduct named ECO-Friendly to all segments of our supply chain to promote green transformation. As of this year, we have replanted 3.5 million coffee trees, planted 2.8 million shading trees, forest canopy, applied new models of concentrated irrigation ponds, coached farmers in reducing inorganic fertilizers while increasing organic ones for their farms. We are also promoting sustainable farming practices for 7,500 ha of sustainable landscape to reduce carbon emissions. The National Sustainability Curricula (NSC) for Robusta and Arabica – these curated by GCP – are great references for our technicians and farmers.

Simexco Daklak acknowledges the importance of collaboration to further advance our sustainability journey and to bring greater impact to coffee communities based on firm foundation of our work. To achieve that, we need to collaborate with like-minded individuals and coffee industry players. The broad network of GCP offers us a great opportunity to find, work and partner with those people.

“We are joining the Global Coffee Platform with the aim to create a shared vision and promote impactful solutions that benefit coffee farmers, communities and the environment. We believe in collective actions led by the Global Coffee Platform. The sustainability is a long journey, but we are happy to collaborate with other GCP Members”

Le Duc Huy, Director General of Simexco DakLak

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The words and images have been provided by Simexco DakLak.

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