Meeting Members: Over a cup of coffee with dClimate

GCP welcomes dClimate to the membership community! In this Meeting Members feature, GCP learns more about the company’s sustainability goals and we find out how the new member is working with and through GCP to achieve these.

dClimate is an open platform for climate data infrastructure, standardizing fragmented data silos from governmental and international climate data sets to provide a comprehensive platform available on which to build climate applications.

dClimate’s Espresso leverages this infrastructure to provide global coverage of metrics such as precipitation, temperature, solar radiance, humidity, wind and soil moisture. Beyond simply providing the linear data, we also create weather indices such as rolling averages to give a higher-level understanding of weather trends which can impact producers and the underlying coffee market.

In order to leverage insights from this data, we have also built in an alert and reporting system to drive value for users. We look forward to engaging with other GCP members to help drive innovation in Espresso such as providing default alerts for fertilizer application, disease risk, extreme weather conditions and more to provide producers with the insights needed to adapt to the changing weather conditions they are faced with.

Espresso also benefits from other modular applications on dClimate such as CYCLOPS, a satellite imagery and geospatial intelligence forestry verification protocol which enables Espresso to assess deforestation around coffee production. CYCLOPS leverages the power of advanced remote sensing technology to capture real-time data from vast stretches of forests, spanning varied terrains and regions. This capability not only accelerates data collection but also ensures that no corner, however remote, remains unmonitored. With the trend of leveraging technology to improve production methods and verify deforestation metrics for the oncoming EU regulations, dClimate looks forward to bringing our suite of tools to GCP to enable further scalable and impactful sustainability initiatives.

We have noticed that each participant in the coffee supply chain, from producers through roasters, all have climate risk due to impacted yields and ultimately the underlying commodity price of coffee. dClimate uses our indexed and organized global climate data to turn data into actionable insights in order to help individuals and businesses measure, monitor and mitigate their climate risk.

dClimate’s goal is to collaborate with GCP partner organizations to facilitate the already-impactful work the organization has achieved through Collective Action Initiatives by providing the tools needed for producers to make data-driven decisions around their production methods and enabling roasters and exporters to prove their sustainable coffee sourcing practices. Providing tools to assist roasters to engage with producers not only helps achieve higher yields and quality, but facilitates better relationships and a low-barrier to entry way to meet their producer-empowerment initiatives.

“We look forward to working with GCP members and partner organizations to bring actionable climate data analytics to producers and provide resources to participants upstream to help manage risk and prove they are doing the right thing.

Osho Jha, CEO of dClimate

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