GCP Snapshot 2022


New report shows eight leading coffee companies’
increase in sustainable coffee purchases

BONN, GERMANY. (1 September 2023). Sustainable coffee purchases have increased significantly in 2022, driven by compliance requirements, corporate leadership and consumer expectations. This is according to a new report from the Global Coffee Platform featuring insights from its transparency initiative on Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases through which eight leading GCP Member companies have shared their sustainable purchasing progress.

The newly published GCP Snapshot Report 2022 registered a share of over 70% of sustainable coffee purchases, more than 26 million bags, out of the total reported green coffee volume of over 36 million bags.

The GCP Snapshot Report 2022 by the Global Coffee Platform (GCP), provides transparent and detailed insights into the development of sustainable coffee purchases of JDE Peet’s, Julius Meinl, Keurig Dr Pepper, Melitta Group, Nestlé, SUPRACAFÉ, Tesco and Westrock Coffee Company, all of which have committed to using GCP’s aligned, comparable metrics as a common language on coffee sustainability in this collective reporting effort.

The report shows the highest growth in the overall sustainable coffee purchase volumes reported by coffee roasters and retailers in GCP’s Collective Reporting since 2018: for the first time, the share of reported total sustainable coffee purchases, over 26 million bags, climbed up to over 70% of the total reported green coffee volume.

The report presents the breakdown of purchases per participating company, as well as an additional feature on several companies’ sustainable coffee purchases according to sourcing regions. Moreover, it offers insights into origin diversity with sustainable coffee purchases received from 34 coffee producing countries – a steady increase in numbers of coffee producing countries reported since the first edition in 2018.

Importantly, the report showcases remarkable growth in the number of GCP-recognized sustainability schemes, which have been assessed against the principles and practices of the Baseline Coffee Code, now revised as Coffee Sustainability Reference Code, and the GCP Equivalence Mechanism. Depending on their assurance model they are classified as 2nd party or 3rd party assurance.

Despite the change in composition of participating roasters and retailers, and the continuous increase in the number of GCP-recognized sustainability schemes, this year’s significant growth in the share of the overall sustainable coffee purchase volumes showcases the increasing market uptake of sustainable coffee under different sustainability schemes.

Over the past five years, extraordinary commitment and disclosure from prominent coffee companies has provided transparent information through the annual GCP Snapshot Report showing the sector how increases of sustainable coffee purchases are expanding the global marketplace for sustainable coffees

GCP Executive Director Annette Pensel

Sharing the responsibility for sustainability

In view of shared sustainability challenges yet to be overcome, including regulatory requirements such as the European Union Deforestation Regulation (EUDR), GCP Snapshot partners are invited to expand their collaboration through GCP and explore innovative solutions at pre-competitive level to share the responsibility of sustainability in impactful, efficient ways at scale,” said Pensel.

But while the new report discloses the hugely important work is underway, even bolder individual and collaborative efforts are needed, said Pensel.

“To achieve transformational change that results in economic viability of sustainable coffee farming and a living income for producers and workers while preserving nature and addressing climate change effectively, we need more collective action and collective investments today.”

“GCP applauds the progress made and expects this sense of urgency will inspire more companies to take bold actions. We look forward to welcoming more roasters and retailers to join the GCP Snapshot Report 2023.”

Overview & Analysis

Webinar: GCP Snapshot 2022

Sustainable coffee champions from across the sector explored the GCP 2022 Report on Sustainable Coffee Purchases on Tuesday, September 12

In this valuable public webinar we discussed:

  • Results from 2022 collective reporting on sustainable coffee purchases by eight GCP roaster & retailer members
  • How the GCP Equivalence Mechanism and the GCP Coffee Sustainability Coffee Code have been used by sustainability scheme owners
  • How Equivalence Mechanism recognized schemes in connection with collective reporting are helping business develop for sustainable coffee sourcing
  • Expanded sustainable sourcing and collective reporting opportunities supported by GCP EM 2.0
  • How GCP Members are supporting the increase of sustainable coffee production and consumption at scale through the GCP approach to sustainable sourcing
  • How the GCP Roundtable for Sustainable Sourcing is helping GCP members take their programs to the next level.

This public global webinar was brought to you by the GCP Roundtable on Sustainable Sourcing.

Tuesday 12 September, 15:00 CEST / 9:00 EDT / 10:00 BRT

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Relatório GCP Snapshot 2022

Junte-se a lideranças do setor café na terça-feira, 12 de setembro, quando iremos explorar o relatório GCP 2022 de Compras de Café Sustentável!

Neste webinar aberto para todos os públicos, iremos abordar:

  • Resultados do “Reporte Coletivo” de compras de café sustentável de 2022 por 8 torrefações e varejistas, membros da GCP
  • Como o Mecanismo de Equivalência e o Código de Sustentabilidade do Café da GCP tem sido usados por empresas que tem programas próprios de sustentabilidade
  • Como os programas reconhecidos pelo Mecanismo de Equivalência, aliados ao reporte coletivo, estão ajudando negócios a se desenvolver para a originação sustentável de café
  • Oportunidades de reporte coletivo basedo no Mecanismo de Equivalência 2.0 da GCP
  • Como os membros da GCP apoiam o aumento da produção (e do consumo) sustentável de café em escala, usando a abordagem GCP para originação sustentável
  • Como o Grupo de Discussão sobre Originação Sustentável está ajudando os membros da GCP a levarem seus programas para o próximo nível.

Este webinar está sendo trazido até você pelo Grupo de Discussão sobre Originação Sustentável da GCP

Terça-feira 12 de setembro, 10h-11h (horário de Brasília)

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GCP Members shared insights on Sustainable Sourcing:

Daniele Buzzetti
Head of Strategy & ESG at Nestlé Coffee Brands

João Paulo Custódio de Brito
Sustainability Supervisor
Exportadora Guaxupé

Miguel Gamboa
Coffee Sector Lead
Rainforest Alliance

Nadia Hoarau-Mwaura
Sustainability Director
JDE Peet’s

Sarah-Ruth Brinkmann
Head of Sustainability Strategy
Melitta Group

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