GCP Members reflect together on collective actions for farmer prosperity


This month, GCP Members convened in an exclusive online meeting to explore the development of GCP Country Plans for Farmer Prosperity and how collective action will drive impact at scale.

During the meeting, members reflected on GCP’s two-tiered strategy that integrates global and local actions in our shared GCP goal of achieving prosperity for one million coffee farmers by 2030.

“At the global level we are promoting the alignment of the sector around the foundations of sustainability and also the uptake of the coffee that has been produced following at least baseline practices of sustainability”- Gelkha Buitrago, GCP Director Programs and Corporate Partnerships.

“With the Country Plans we aim to create collective impact on farmers prosperity and sustainability through innovative public-private partnerships and co-investment in producing countries. Together with the Country Platforms, GCP Members and partners, we start with smaller pilots to proof the concept and then scale up via the ‘crawl-walk-run’ approach”- Lauren Weiss, Program Manager Countries and Partnerships.

The Country Platforms of Vietnam and Brazil provided GCP Members with key highlights and results of their work to address sustainability challenges effectively through ongoing GCP Collective Action Initiatives, which will be integrated into the new Country Plans going forward. All GCP Collective Action Initiative co-funding and implementation partners were recognized for their crucial leadership to advance coffee sustainability. Insights into this work will be released in a publication set for release next month.

The gathering worked as step further on the way to the in-person GCP Member Assembly to be celebrated on March 27 in Bonn, Germany, when GCP Members and Country Platforms will gather to further shape and kick-start the new GCP Country Plans for Farmer Prosperity.

Gelkha Buitrago

Director Programs and Corporate Partnershipsemail me

Lauren Weiss

Senior Manager Countries and Partnershipsemail me