GCP Collective Action Initiative in Vietnam
sees a significant reduction in
Glyphosate residue levels in green coffee


GCP Collective Action Initiatives act on identified and prioritized issues at coffee origins that critically affect coffee farmers. In these initiatives companies and organizations work collectively for sustainable impact at coffee origins and at farm level. The GCP Collective Action Initiative ‘Responsible Use of Agro-Inputs for Coffee’ is addressing challenges in Vietnam with applied field research and policy development.

The Collective Action Initiative on the Responsible Use of Agro-inputs for Coffee in Vietnam was set up in 2020 with a key objective to create awareness of the risks of disproportionate use of chemicals and promote integrated weed management practices at farm level.

The initiative developed and published a manual with best practices, putting knowledge and know-how in the hands of farmers. To take this a step further, the manual has since been updated to include an occupational health and safety (OHS) chapter, helping to improve the safety of farmers and workers in coffee cultivation.

The OHS chapter was endorsed by MARD (Ministry of Rural Development) and further disseminated to coffee stakeholders in Vietnam via the GCP social networks for scale and replication.

The complete ban on the import or usage of the Glyphosate pesticide in June 2021, combined with the close collaboration of all stakeholders including growers, the private sector and the Vietnam government bodies at local and central levels, and the strong awareness campaigns contributed to the successful reduction of herbicide usage and maximum residue levels we are currently witnessing.

The awareness campaigns consisted among others on posting digital messages on responsible agro-input use, participating in specialized conferences and television programs, developing online educational video clips, and conducting trainings for coffee farmers and agricultural extension officers.

Glyphosate residues in coffee decreased sharply in all five Central Highlands provinces over the years. Source: Survey report on Glyphosate residues in coffee green bean in 05 Central Highlands provinces (17.02.2023) by Vietnam Commodity Control & Certification (VCC&C)

The initiative has also placed informative billboards in coffee areas and ran a series of environmental education units at secondary schools.

As a next phase, the initiative will broaden its focus to include the study of pest management and pesticide use in different coffee production systems in the Central Highlands and anticipate possible future risks.

The success of this initiative is founded in GCP’s approach of Collective Action Initiatives in Vietnam kindly supported by JDE Peet’s, Nestlé, Neumann Kaffee Gruppe, Sucden Coffee, IDH – The Sustainable Trade Initiative, Lavazza Foundation and Tchibo. We thank the partners of the initiative for endorsing pre-competitive collective work. 

GCP Collective Action Initiatives are pre-competitive to bring learnings and results back to the sector in order to learn, scale and replicate, making input resources more effective. Please be encouraged and invited to join this initiative and contribute to its success.

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