Transparency matters: GCP Snapshot of Sustainable Coffee Purchases

Transparency provides an understanding of where the coffee sector currently stands and which key areas need to be tackled. It is also important for recognising the impactful work that is being done. Find out how six companies are sharing their sustainability journey transparently and how your company can get involved.

Consumers, shareholders and the finance sector increasingly expect more transparent information about corporate sustainability strategies and progress. This trend is only increasing with upcoming due diligence legislations, for example in Europe. Transparency about sustainability progress, for example on sustainable coffee purchasing, is important for recognising the impactful work that is being done by companies individually. Collective reporting, using common metrics, allows insights on where the sector currently stands and the key areas that need to be tackled to transition the entire coffee market to sustainable sourcing.

The GCP Snapshot 2019 & 2020 contributes to transparency strides in the coffee sector by allowing a better understanding of the demand for sustainable coffees. This report summarizes essential information of the annual GCP Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases.

The second edition sheds light on progress made by participating companies JDE Peet’s, Melitta Group, Nestlé, Strauss Coffee, SUPRACAFÉ and Tesco in a comparable way by using common metrics.

Among the highlights, the report shows the growth of sustainable coffee purchases overall, which can clearly be attributed to increasing purchasing of sustainable coffee from GCP Baseline Coffee Code equivalent 3rd Party Schemes, and not only due to the recognition of new 2nd Party Schemes, as can be seen from the figures below:

  • 2018 reporting: 639,710 MT sustainable coffee purchases = representing 35.74% of the 2018 total green coffee volumes purchases
  • 2019 reporting: 742,989 MT sustainable coffee purchases of 3rd Party Schemes = 38.81 % of 2019 total green coffee volumes purchases; increase of 103,279 MT from 2018 to 2019
  • 2020 reporting: 893,930 MT sustainable coffee purchases of 3rd Party Schemes = 44.16% of 2020 total green coffee volumes purchases; Increase of 150,941 MT from 2019 to 2020
  • Overall green coffee volumes increased also over the last three years

Another key takeaway from the GCP Snapshot is the commitment of reporting members to increasing transparency and continue to share their progress made on sustainable coffee purchasing as a way to contribute towards sector sustainability. Reporting members highlighted the importance of transparency in their own words:

“We welcome the transparency the second edition of the GCP Snapshot provides.” 

Nadia Hoarau-Mwaura 
– Sustainability Director,
JDE Peet’s

“The GCP Snapshot strengthens transparency about the use of sustainable cultivation standards, its strengths, and potentials for further improvement.”

Stefan Dierks
– Director Sustainability, Melitta Group

“This report enables greater demand transparency, and we applaud all participating companies.”

Marcelo Burity
– Head of Green Coffee Development, Nestlé 

“At Strauss Coffee we believe that transparency and collaboration is vital to promoting sustainability in the coffee sector.”

Rafi Camhi
– Supply Chain Manager SCBV HQ, Strauss Coffee

“By sharing information in a transparent way, we contribute for a global vision on the transformation path towards a more sustainable coffee industry”
Samuel F. Ricardo Ruiz 
– Chief Sustainability Officer, SUPRACAFÉ

“Progress through industry collaboration and transparency is key.”

Peter Rodgers
– Responsible Sourcing Manager, Tesco

While there is still much work to be done, the annual GCP Snapshot is an important contribution to increased transparency and monitoring of progress on sustainable coffee purchases. The report contributes to our shared goal to empower production and consumption of sustainable, profitable coffees throughout diverse coffee origins as ways to contribute to farmers’ prosperity, improved well-being and conservation of nature.

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