Webinar highlights

02 / Jun / 20

GCP Members and partners have been actively engaged in our broader communities through informative and interactive webinars.


GCP Brazil hosted a webinar on “Good Agricultural Practices in Integrated Weed Management”, which included the participation Pedro Christoffoleti, an agronomist specialist in the subject.


The intelligent management of glyphosate-based herbicides (drift care, correct dosage and right time of application) was addressed, as well as trade barriers and maximum residue limit from the exporter’s perspective, with the participation of Lilian Vendrametto Cecafé.

The webinar is an integral action of the initiative “Responsible Use of Agrochemicals” of the Global Coffee Platform in Brazil.

Watch the full webinar here. (Portuguese)


During the first instalment of GCP’s Field Days webinar series, GCP Brazil presented the new GCP Collective Action Initiative on Social Well-being. Part of the webinar included an address on how GCP is managing during a time of COVID-19, as well as how best practice, government and WHO guidelines around corona virus are being included into the new initiative. 

Watch the full webinar (English)


SCOPI hosted the first Indonesia Sustainable Coffee Forum 2020 virtual discussions in June, part of the DISKO (Coffee Discussion) series. 

The sessions captured updates and insights from international actors in the coffee sector, especially in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and how the economical setback will affect the efforts to foster sustainable coffee production globally and in Indonesia.

ISCF 2020 – DISKO 2: International Perspectives on the Future of Indonesia Coffee Sustainability (English)

This session captures updates and insights from international actors in the coffee sector, especially in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic and how the economical setback will affect the efforts to foster sustainable coffee production globally and in Indonesia.Watch now!


ISCF 2020 – (DISKO 3) Innovations in Facing COVID-19 Impact on the Indonesian Coffee Sector (Bahasa)


This DISKO session was joined by 65 participants including SCOPI members, coffee business owners, coffee cooperative owners and all coffee lovers to discuss the latest approaches within a COVID-19 context. 

The Indonesian Government and Coffee Supply Chain Maintains Coffee Productivity and Market During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted multiple sectors in Indonesia, including the coffee supply chain. In response to the situation, on April 16, 2020, the Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI) supported by the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) held a virtual DISKO (Diskusi Kopi/Coffee Discussion) event, with the topic entitled “Anticipating COVID-19 Impacts on the Coffee Sector Supply Chain”. 

Watch the webinar here (Bahasa)


The Global Coffee Platform along with the Vietnam Country Platform and Initiative partners introduce a new GCP Collective Action Initiative focused on improving the use of agro-inputs in Vietnam. The pre-competitive joint action initiative will not only contribute to a critical issue for Vietnam’s coffee production, but also provide the opportunity for members to reduce their risk and leverage resources with other co-funders. Topics discussed include the response to agrochemicals in the country, how joint action can ensure continuously good quality coffee, and how more organisations can get involved now.

Watch the Webinar in Vietnamese

Watch the Webinar in English


The World Coffee Producers Forum held a webinar on Global Coffee Production during COVID-19. Samuel Kamau, Executive Director of African Fine Coffees Association, and now also new GCP Board member participated in the conversation, sharing updates on work with Country Platforms in East Africa.

View the full webinar 


OIRSA, the Regional Animal and Plant Health Organization hosted a series of four webinars for the agricultural sector on the topic of agriculture in the face of COVID-19. Targeted towards Latin America and organized in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Andean Community, the latest webinar featured a presentation from Guillermo Alvarado, GCP Program Manager – Honduras on Strategies for Sustainable Coffee during COVID-19.

Watch the webinar here (Spanish)