More from Country Platforms in 2020

06 / Mar / 20

Country Platforms
Make a Difference

Country Platforms are taking the lead in promoting greater coffee sustainability at a local level and in developing best practice at all points in the coffee value chain nationally and regionally.

Take a look at five country platforms, each in different stages of growth, each ambitious and each actively influencing the coffee value chain by involving a broad range of stakeholders.

According to Melissa Salazar, GCP Program Manager – Countries, GCP’s work connecting global stakeholders with the network of country platforms is extremely important because it “provides a space for local stakeholders to strengthen relationships”.

Through GCP Collective Action Initiatives, Ms Salazar says the platforms provide an opportunity for joint action between different stakeholders, meaning platforms and partners can “collectively address the main issues facing the coffee sector in their country”.

Take a closer look at the forecast for Honduras and Vietnam

According to Ms Salazar, the Honduras and Vietnam Platforms are at very different stages of development, however, “they both have a base of enthusiastic members who are leading the path towards a more sustainable coffee sectors in both countries. 2020 has the potential of being a year of fantastic progress not only in these two countries, but throughout the GCP country platform network.”