Facing uncertainty together

01 / Apr / 20

A word from GCP in the face of COVID-19

Around the world, organizations and companies have had to change the way they work due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. At GCP, we have also prioritized the health and safety of our team, which today works remotely. But while the effects of isolation are far-reaching, this time of isolation has highlighted the value of the Platform and brought to the fore the significant role we must play in a world restrained.

Our strong relationships and working partnerships at both the local and international level mean that GCP is primed for integrated action. By the very nature of the Platform – representing a combination of strengths – our push for coffee sustainability need not be hindered; instead, GCP will continue to ENABLE LOCAL ACTION FOR GLOBAL RESULTS, coordinate and facilitate learning, knowledge sharing, best practice, and through our members and extensive partnerships, delivery of initiatives for impact.

Our GCP Collective Action Initiatives are excellent examples of how representatives from across the coffee value chain can work together towards a shared goal. Also known as GCP Member Initiatives, these exciting projects – built in collaboration with the Country Platforms – are showing how collaboration in a pre-competitive environment allows for greater potential impact at scale. These joint-action initiatives allow us to share our risk and draw on the strengths of each other, while at the same time ensure that everyone involved shares in the benefits.

We are pleased to announce that two new GCP Collective Action Initiatives will be launched in the coming weeks – a reminder of the value of our network in the ability to act, but also a reminder of the time-sensitive approach needed for coffee sustainability.

We invite GCP members, interested companies, donors and affiliates to continue to engage with us through this time. While taking the necessary precautions, our team is ready and willing to support your work in a constantly changing environment, albeit virtually.

Our work must continue and, importantly, thanks to our members, it can continue. In a world more isolated, let us continue to connect and find new ways to work together for coffee sustainability.

– Annette Pensel, Executive Director, GCP