Brazil pushes engagement, commitment and adoption

30 / Jan / 20

In 2020, the Brazil Country Platform seeks to expand sustainably produced coffee through active sector engagement and commitment of members and partners towards a higher adoption of sustainable practices by coffee growers.

An active platform with tools for members and one active Member Initiative on the Responsible Use of Agrochemicals, the platform in seeks to add another initiative in 2020 and to generate greater commitment for real change.

Brazil.svg#asset:6505:squareThumbnail“At GCP Brazil in 2020 we hope to consolidate the GCP tools for continuous improvement, specially expanding the adoption of the CSC App and IMS; advance the Responsible Use of Agrochemichals Member Initiative, reaching more growers and accelerating results at field level, while working to launch a new Initiative based on the improvement of living and working conditions in coffee. It is going to be a busy year!”



“We look forward to strengthening the relationship with current GCP members and attract new members to commit to sustainability in their areas of action, sharing responsibility and collaborating for the development of pre-competitive sustainability efforts in Brazil.”

Pedro Ronca, Country Coordinator – Brazil Get involved with Brazil Country Platform via email

2020 Forecast for Brazil

  • Participation in 25 coffee events
  • 50 technicians of key coffee cooperatives and institutions to be trained on Sustainability Curriculum
  • 10 bilateral meetings with coffee entities and partners
  • 4th GCP Brazil Members’ Meeting

Responsible Use of Agrochemicals Member Initiative (2018-2023)

  • 5,000 farmers to be trained by Cecafe’s Digital Coffee Farmer program
  • 1,400 farmers to be trained on Agrochemical Application
  • 250 agrochemical storage units to be built in coffee farms
  • 600 technicians trained on Coffee Sustainability Curriculum
  • 8 coffee entities trained on Internal Management System (IMS)
  • 5,000 growers to be monitored by CSC App
  • 9 coffee institutions to be trained on the CSC App (M&E purposes)