The GCP Country Platform Acceleration Program is now open!

As a GCP Member rightly pointed out at the GCP Membership Assembly last week, “(w)ithout a conducive, enabling environment for sustainable coffee growing in producing countries, we won’t achieve our shared sustainability goals”.

Considering that National Coffee Platforms are indeed key to this, the Global Coffee Platform is offering its members a unique opportunity to demonstrate exemplary leadership by bringing their contribution to GCP’s Call to Action to Collectively Address the Coffee Price Crisis to life and to where it will make a meaningful difference – in accelerating the work being undertaken by National Coffee Platforms in 7 countries: Brazil, Ethiopia, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda, Vietnam.

By joining other GCP Members in the GCP Country Platform Acceleration Program, you will not only gain recognition and increase brand reputation throughout the global coffee sector, you will also contribute across a number of critical areas to the work being done in the countries to strengthen the economic position of coffee farmers and workers.

To find out more information about the Acceleration Program and modalities for your contribution, please contact the GCP Secretariat.