The Coffee Data Project will publish its results in March

One step forward towards measuring sustain-ability progress in the coffee sector consists of measuring what matters. Therefore, the results of the coffee data project will soon be made available! This joint project between GCP, the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA) and the Rainforest Alliance, with the support of the ISEAL Innovation Fund, has operationalized common denominators of coffee sustainability indicators with input from a wide range of experts from different coffee origins and businesses of the entire supply chain.

The Coffee Data Project specifies 15 high level indicators and makes them operational: GCP Members and others will be able to access and use a common set of the most widely used metrics to measure sustainability performance, together with a technical standard to facilitate data interoperability & exchange between different data platforms and technologies. Making these tools and technologies broadly available for use by all actors in the field will increase our sector’s ability to gather clear data that drives shared understanding of the multidimensional sustainability aspects of coffee. It will also ease the technical interoperability of current data sources in order to reduce costs and increase knowledge, while safeguarding the individual and/or group information that different organizations can gather.

Data deriving from 15 aligned indicators will generate actionable knowledge and allow the sector to speak the same language with regards to farm-level sustainability.

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