Roasters and Retailers start reporting on their sustainable purchases

GCP Roaster and Retailer Members are now able to report on their purchases of sustainable coffee. This is not only an opportunity for our members to showcase their achievements in their commitment to sustainable sourcing, it is also a central aspect in bringing more transparency into the coffee sector. “Sustainable purchases” is one of the 15 high level sustainability indicators that resulted from a comprehensive consultative process and are reflected in the Coffee Data Standard.

As a prioritized action within GCP’s Call to Action to Collectively Address the Coffee Price Crisis, the GCP Roaster and Retailer Reporting complements the Sustainable Coffee Challenge’s “Commitments Hub” by providing information on individual progress on sustainable purchases, and perspectives per sustainability scheme and countries of origin. Currently, “sustainable coffee” is understood to include every scheme that has been recognized for GCP Reporting: 4C, Certifica Minas, Fairtrade, Rainforest/UTZ, C.A.F.E Practices and Nespresso AAA. Additional sustainability schemes are foreseen to be recognized.

Reporting results will be published early 2020, with yearly update reports. This information will ultimately contribute to the discussion on how to advance coffee sustainability at scale while benefiting coffee farming communities in various producing countries.

To find out how to start reporting, please contact the GCP Secretariat.