Global coffee leaders commit to improve the economic sustainability of coffee farming

02 / Oct / 19

The International Coffee Organization’s (ICO) inaugural CEO and Global Leaders Forum concluded in London last week with global coffee roasters and traders signing a historic declaration on the economic sustainability of coffee.

Known as the “London Declaration”, signatories and supporting organizations – including several GCP Members – committed to concrete steps:

  • To promote competitive and sustainable production
  • To foster responsible and equitable growth
  • To promote responsible consumption
  • To promote public-private dialogue regarding policy development

The declaration is the result of sector-wide dialogue forming part of the implementation of Resolution 465 on coffee price levels, adopted by the International Coffee Council in September 2018.

The GCP has been contributing to and supporting ICO’s sector-wide dialogue since its kick-off. On signing the declaration as one of the “supporting organizations”, GCP Executive Director Annette Pensel described the Forum as an “important step towards coordinated, concrete commitments to improve the Economic Viability of Coffee Farming and achieve resilient, sustainable coffee communities in diverse origins”.

The GCP, she said, has already committed to further contribute to the London Declaration and foreseen Task Force for the development of the Roadmap until Sept 2020 through the ongoing work with its network of country platforms and its multi-stakeholder membership. “It will be key to scale public-private collaboration and collective action to achieve better farmer support and conducive business environments for sustainable coffee production.”

As such, the GCP will help support their network of public-private national coffee platforms, bringing expertise and insight by linking actions triggered by the GCP’s Call to Action to Collectively Address the Coffee Price Crisis. During its forthcoming Country Congress & Membership Assembly in Basel, Switzerland on 7th and 8th October 2019, GCP Members will review progress to date and drive forward additional ideas and proposals to GCP’s Call to Action.

For further information or to find out how you can contribute to any of the action areas of GCP’s Call to Action to Collectively Address the Coffee Price Crisis, please get in touch with GCP’s North American Ambassador, Mary Petitt.