GCP’s top picks for 2019: enable local action, collaborate & measure

If you are in the coffee business, there is no shortage of challenges, especially for the coffee farming community: be it downwards trending market developments, Climate Change or aging farmers. The sustainable future of our sector is at stake. In the Global Coffee Platform, we believe that we all, private and public side, share co-responsibility for our sector’s profitable, sustainable development. And we believe that sustainability needs to be viable for coffee farmers and workers, as well as for the entire chain. We’ve seen challenges sparking innovative approaches, with complex challenges being best addressed in collaboration.

Bringing members from all parts of the coffee value chain together, the Global Coffee Platform is therefore working with country platforms in key coffee producing origins to address some of the key sustainability challenges.

In 2019, Global Coffee Platform’s focus lies on enabling local action. Additionally, we will continue to facilitate measurement and to further build out existing and new collaborations.

Find out below what’s going to happen, how you can engage and benefit. Join us and let’s work together – towards a thriving, sustainable coffee sector, one step at the time.