Enable local action – GCP’s top picks for 2019

It is time to transform more ideas into concrete, meaningful sustainability initiatives on local priorities. Tell us how we can support you on your sustainability journey: we’ll be happy to connect you with our colleagues working for Country Platforms in Brazil, Honduras, Uganda, Kenya, Vietnam, Indonesia, or link you to ongoing work in Colombia, Nicaragua, Peru or Tanzania through our Secretariat.

Countries’ priorities: Leaving behind the top-down approach

Coffee producing countries need now, more than ever, the concerted support of different companies and organizations in our sector. Rather than speculating about what is needed, the best way to enable growth and prosperity in coffee farming families is empowering local stakeholders, using and improving local structures and resources to support the development of stronger, profitable, sustainable coffee regions. The work done by the National Coffee Platforms in several countries over the last years has been focusing exactly on bringing local coffee stakeholders together, identifying and addressing needs and local priorities and keeping the sustainability ball rolling – thus contributing to a better business environment for sustainable coffee.

Reach out to any of our partnering Country Platforms by clicking here and contact us to find out how your sustainability investment can do more for you and your business, while supporting the local priorities in a more efficient way.

Keep it concrete and meaningful

In 2018, several GCP Members realized that joint efforts on specific, complex sustainability issues combined with local ownership through Country Platforms result in more impact and clever investments. The Collective Action Initiatives were born. At the moment of writing, three GCP Collective Action Initiatives are already running improving local action on concrete issues in Brazil and Vietnam. Find out more here, and join the efforts: use of agrochemicals, weed management, more coffee with less water. The Global Coffee Platform is facilitating new GCP Collective Action Initiatives in 2019, if you are interested in a specific country contact us.

The next step: towards Sustainable Coffee Regions

GCP is continuously looking at innovative ways to solve some of the most pressing issues in the coffee sector. Based on the National Sustainability Curriculum and its measurement, the creation of Sustainable Coffee Regions is one approach that enables coffee farmers and their business partners, as well as the public sector to improve sustainability performance step by step and at scale. It is starting to take shape in Brazil, where the model is currently being put in practice. Stay tuned to find out how Sustainable Coffee Regions can revolutionize how we approach sustainability investments in coffee producing countries.

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