Climate Catalogue aims to improve your supply chain's resilience

During the World of Coffee in Berlin in June, the Climate Catalogue “Brewing up Climate Resiliance in the Coffee Sector” was released digitally. Experts from the organizations involved in its publication discussed the Catalogue’s content, as well as how coffee stakeholders across the supply chain can understand that coffee is just a part of a landscape that needs long-term investments more than ever.

Baristas, roasters and coffee machine producers are crowding around latest innovations during the Specialty Coffee Associations “World of Coffee 2019” in Berlin – Europe’s biggest Specialty Coffee Exhibition. Powerful cheering from the audiences of the World Barista Championship is echoing through the Expohalls. Passion for coffee is a graspable feeling. The will for innovative technologies and drinks is all around. One can see or even taste it at almost every corner.

At the same time the coffee industry puts the coffee bean at risk, which is the base for all of this. With climate change putting more and more pressure on coffee production even the complete disappearance of coffee is feared if no adaptation and mitigation take place. But that’s possible. The catalogue “Brewing up Climate Resilience in the Coffee Sector” highlights adaptation strategies for farmers, plantations and processors” accompanied by 15 country profiles launched during SCAs “World of Coffee”.

This catalogue, aimed to inspire action within the industry, provides a clear understanding of the most pressing challenges at local level, spotting opportunities to improve, inspiring action through examples of successful interventions, and catalyzing investments by connecting coffee industry actors with available financing options.

The report highlights five critical climate issues: loss of suitable areas for coffee production and shifts to higher altitudes, increased water stress; outbreak of pest and diseases; poor flowering and cherry development; growing vulnerability of smallholder coffee farmers and especially women. The guide also raises awareness and show coffee industry partners alternatives for investments to support farmers and communities in the transition to more climate resilient production systems.

The catalogue and the country profiles are released collectively by IDH, Conservation International, Specialty Coffee Association, Global Coffee Platform and the initiative for coffee&climate (c&c). Click here to acces the Catalogue:


If you want to discover new ways to invest in coffee sustainability at local level, contact Caroline Glowka.