Call for Participation: GCP Member Initiative to address agro-inputs in Vietnam

Caring for coffee trees with the appropriate nutrients and protecting the crop from diseases requires knowledge and the appropriate agro-inputs. To better support coffee farmers in Vietnam in the responsible use of agro-inputs, a new GCP Membership Initiative (GCP MI) has been developed and is open for new members to join.

The Global Coffee Platform therefore invites all companies and organizations to join this collective action initiative if you wish to share the costs and achieve greater impact in improving the responsible use of agro-inputs (especially pesticides and fertilizers) in Vietnam over a five-year period. The initiative will have three intervention levels: legislative, research and field level.

With Vietnamese authorities aware of the risk of residue levels exceeding international limits, this GCP MI will cooperate with authorities to adapt and develop policies on the use of pesticides and fertilizers, while more sustainable alternatives will be explored. These alternatives will be field tested, whereby best-practices will be scaled and put forth for policy change. Communication on best-practices, supported by the Vietnamese Coffee Coordination Board (VCCB) and others, and the improvement of an agro-inputs app for the use by farmers will spread the results to coffee farmers throughout the country.

Already four organizations have agreed to collaborate, co-fund and jointly address the issue: IDH, JDE, Nestlé and Tchibo. Additional companies have also already signaled their interest to contribute to this initiative. GCP encourages all its members to join this GCP Member Initiative so that together, we can improve the use of agro-inputs to the benefit of the whole Vietnamese coffee sector.

Are you interested? Would you like to learn more? Would you like to contribute? Then, please contact Caroline Glowka for more information (