One step closer to data alignment – New data project will kick-off in March

One step closer to data alignment – New GCP project will kick-off in March

The Global Coffee Platform has just been awarded a grant from the ISEAL Innovation Fund to work towards the alignment of coffee sector impact reporting. The project “Demonstrating Collective Impact in the Global Coffee Sector” is carried out in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance (including both the RA and UTZ certification systems) and the Committee on Sustainability Assessment (COSA).

According to Lars Kahnert, GCP Program Manager, the project “will reduce the burden of multiple data production by creating a repository of indicators, collected by different parties, and working towards the development of a technical data standard, which will facilitate data exchange and aligned reporting.” Additionally, the project will engage with financial service providers and include indicators in the mapping exercise that supports loan decisions for farmers.

As a complementary feature, the project will address sensitivities regarding data sharing, ownership and privacy by mapping and showcasing successful business cases and best practices to align data efficiently. The outcome will provide more elements to the further development of the Sustainability Progress Framework (jointly developed with the Sustainable Coffee Challenge) and the GCP Reporting Tool (GCP Progress).

There is a tremendous potential to decrease overlapping efforts of data production and impact measurement through alignment. Farm-level data is increasingly required by coffee buyers, sustainability standards, training providers, governments and financial service providers for the measurement of sustainability performance and impact. All of them use different formats, though there is a large overlap in terms of the collected information. Therefore, this GCP initiative will effectively address an issue that will positively impact the coffee sector.

The project will officially start on 1st of March, 2018. Be part of this exciting endeavor and contribute to the process by contacting Lars Kahnert ( The Global Coffee Platform will invite all interested parties to participate in the near future and provide regular updates during the 12-month project period and beyond.

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