New Brazil working group representatives elected in 2nd Annual GCP Members Meeting

The 2nd Annual GCP Brazil Members Meeting took place on June 26th with the participation of 18 representatives of 15 coffee institutions. COCAPEC and COOABRIEL were chosen to represent Arabica producers and Conilon Producers respectively.

The Members meeting, held at CATI’s headquarters (Technical Assistance and Extension Services of São Paulo State), promoted knowledge exchange, networking and opportunities to get engaged. One of the key highlights of the session was the election of representatives from Growers and Traders/Exporters for the Brazilian Working Group: COCAPEC will represent Producers for Arabica coffee and COOABRIEL will represent Producers for Conilon coffee; while ECOM was re-elected to represent the Exporters/Traders.

Additionally, there was an exercise to discuss members’ interests about future projects and partnerships. Pedro Ronca, GCP Brazil Program Manager, presented updates of the Brazilian Program, CSC App and Internal Management System (IMS) application and use possibilities, besides the new approach for project development within GCP: Collective Action Initiatives. Carlos Brando, GCP Chair of the Board, presented GCP’s global view and board members.

The 2nd Annual Members Meeting was the perfect catalyzer to start the second half of the year with its members determined to push forward the coffee sustainability activities in Brazil.

The GCP Brazil team thanks all members for their contribution!

Find out more about GCP Brazil Country Platform here.

But GCP Brazil activities in July didn’t stop there. Check out these two other opportunities, in which GCP Brazil actively participated.

Joint Effort between GCP and Partners: EMATER-PR and Community of Practices

GCP Brazil was present at the Community of Practices (Coffee&Climate project of HRNS) held in Machado, Minas Gerais. GCP team presented the CSC App, the importance of sustainability indicators and possible synergies on data collection. Many relevant organizations participated, among them Fairtrade, CLAC, EPAMIG, and others.

Invited by EMATER-PR, GCP represented the coffee chain during a strategic meeting in Curitiba (Paraná state) on July 11th, together with representatives of other chains like dairy, beef, honey and soybean. The work and activities developed in partnership with EMATER-PR over recent years were presented for EMATER-PR’s president, agricultural and technical departments, and directors of other sectors. This was a very positive opportunity to exchange learnings and challenges among the chains.

Community of Practices in Machado (MG)

New Technologies for Coffee – Procafé Field Day and Incaper’s event

The Global Coffee Platform team participated on the Field Day organized by Procafé in Varginha, Minas Gerais, in June. The event focused on presenting new technologies for family farmers regarding irrigation and coffee processing, with technical presentations on pruning, crop management and presentation of South of Minas Gerais’ data and indicators.

GCP was also present at the launching of Incaper’s Coffee Quality Laboratory and of the Sustainability Program of Espírito Santo State Coffee on June 30th, at Venda Nova do Imigrante, Espírito Santo. Eduardo Matavelli presented a summary of the activities developed in partnership with Incaper and the alignment between them and GCP to develop their program.

Launch of Incaper’s Coffee Quality Laboratory – Venda Nova do Imigrante (ES)