National platform exchange in Honduras fosters platform’s future

The Global Coffee Platform coordinated a platform exchange between Honduras and Brazil to share experiences and learning regarding the national platform’s success in Brazil, coordinated by P&A Marketing. 30 key Honduran coffee stakeholders – public and private – participated in this event.

Pedro Ronca, GCP Manager in Brazil, visited Honduras and met key Honduran coffee sector stakeholders from the public and private sector. He also conducted a workshop, to which several main organizations and companies assisted to learn the process of the Brazilian platform, funded 5 years ago. The Honduran audience was quite interested in the platform’s challenges during the adaptation and adjustment phase prior to its launch, as well as the successful engagement of national coffee institutions, its governance and the main learnings after developing a National Sustainability Curriculum (NSC).

The event was supported by GCP members and Honduran platform’s partners UTZand Solidaridad, who enabled this exchange to improve the constitution of the Honduran Sustainable Coffee Platform.

Know your past, shape your future

By learning from the Brazilian experience, their current actions, lessons learned the Honduran stakeholders are now more prepared to set up the Honduras Sustainable Coffee Platform’s organizational structure and governance, as well as outlining their own ideas. The continuous exchange of experience will avoid past mistakes done in other platforms, inspire stakeholders to take action in a model proven to be working in other countries and accelerate the current process in Honduras. Finally, this will only lead to have more clarity on the platform’s workplan for 2019.

National platform exchange is a valuable and useful mechanism to foster action and give inspiration to stakeholders starting a new national platform. Some Honduran coffee representatives had already visited another coffee platform in Colombia, drawing new conclusion to apply for their platform. According to Guillermo Belloso, GCP Magen in Latin America: “Share and learn between national platforms raises the need to act as a sustainability network and enhances the engagement at all levels. Honduran stakeholders have understood that there is not a perfect national platform, it is the impact and usefulness for the coffee sector, what matters”.

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