Local stakeholders strengthens the governance of the Honduran National Platform

Some of the most important local stakeholders in Honduras have gathered to setup the governance process of the new Honduras Sustainable Platform. The event took place last 12th of June in the western coffee region of Santa Rosa de Copan and it was facilitated by the Global Coffee Platform, Solidaridad and Rainforest Alliance.

Saying ‘Strategic alignment’ is easier than achieving it. That is why 15 coffee leaders from the Copan and Ocotepeque departments participated in this session to listen the proposals and feedback from local stakeholders to sharpen the governance approach of the Honduras Sustainable Coffee Platform. The activity was designed with a local action approach to ensure the direct participation of local traders, smallholder cooperatives, individual farmers, government representatives and NGO’s.

Guillermo Belloso, GCP Manager for Latin America, values the progress made in last couple of months and the feedback received: “We are bringing the local stakeholders’ voice into the National Platform. They agree that a National Sustainability Curriculum would be an extraordinary achievement to strengthen the producer’s leadership in sustainability implementation and that’s what we heading now.”

The event became a reference to demonstrate how different actors can get involved and contribute to building a thriving and sustainable coffee sector in Honduras. “We want to support Hondura’s coffee sector priorities and the emerging platform will help us achieving is, as it will reflect everyone’s voice. Collaboration is key and I’m glad to say that we are all heading in the same direction”, says Belloso.

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Didyou know?

  • Copan and Ocotepeque departments produce 1.4 Mio bags 46kg representing the 20% of total production according to the harvest 2014/15