How can I convince my company and others to invest in CSA?

The Climate Smart Agriculture Online Learning Series comes back for its 6th installment to help Sustainability Managers create business cases on Climate Smart Agriculture. You are just in time to join the next webinar on Thursday, October 25th at 3 pm CEST / 9 am EDT and learn how you can scale up Climate Smart Agriculture!

Module #6 How can I convince my company and others to invest in CSA?

Most believe that supply chain resilience is imperative to a sustainable supply of coffee, but it can be a hard sell when long-term investments do not always align well with short-term focused business models and funding cycles. Learn how to make the business case for investing in climate smart agriculture, including a cost benefit analysis of CSA, and cost of inaction study.

The Experts:

  • Mark Lundy – International Centre for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)
  • Kealy Sloan – Sustainable Food Lab

The CSA Learning Series: Understand, Design, Act is building the knowledge of participants to understand and manage climate change in the coffee supply chain. Although the series covers a lot of ground and is sharing learnings, state of the art research and field-tested tools, gaps remain that need to be addressed.

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In case you missed it, watch last session’s recording here: