Honduras Sustainable Coffee Platform agrees on governance mechanism

25 key stakeholders, from the private and public sector, gathered to discuss the next steps for the Coffee Platform in Honduras. In this occasion, the governance mechanism was address by the participants, who are coordinating efforts to improve the impact of sustainability investments in the region.

Thanks to the support of two GCP Members, Solidaridad and the New Rainforest Alliance, several stakeholders (producers, exporters, service providers, cooperatives, NGOs, buyers and governmental agencies) agreed on the governance mechanism of the upcoming Sustainable Coffee Platform. The workshop took place in Siguatepeque and it marked a milestone for the development of the Platform as its governance will actively drive and strengthen local action projects in Honduras.

According to Guillermo Belloso, GCP Manager in Latin America: “We are aiming to establish the Platform’s governance this year and that will entail a huge transformation on how we invest in sustainability. Individual efforts can do a lot, but collective action at local level will drive the sector to global change”.

As new meetings and decisions are taken, the Honduras Sustainable Coffee Platform will reach a launching date. Don’t miss the latest information on this and other platforms by subscribing to our newsletter.