Have you ever wanted to experience the production of sustainable coffee?

Just after the GCSC18 is over, take some extra days and join us in this field trip to dive into the largest coffee producing area in Brazil implementing the best sustainability practices. This is where global collaboration is transformed into local action. You will have the chance to travel to South Minas, the largest coffee producing area in Brazil, on November 11 and 12, departing from Belo Horizonte.

On November 11, you will visit a model farm in Três Pontas, dedicated to coffee for over a century, where sustainability is applied at high standards. The third generation of the family focuses on innovation, appreciation of workers, gender equality and environmental preservation to produce high quality coffee.

On November 12, you will visit a coffee cooperative in Paraguaçu, with 600 members (all of them smallholders; 60,000 bags per year), which incorporates GCP Sustainability Curriculum, and disseminates the practices among its growers. You will also have the opportunity to visit a small grower (associated with the cooperative) and see local action implemented at farm level.

Book your trip before October 25th

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