Virtual Course for Sustainable Soil Management

Virtual Course for Sustainable Soil Management

A new virtual course has launched in Colombia to promote sustainable soil management practices.

Soil is often seen as an inert medium, capable of withstanding poor management practices without consequences on the producer’s’ income. However, nothing could be more wrong.

The mountains where coffee is grown in Colombia are highly susceptible to erosion and acidification. This, added to inadequate cultivation practices, contributes to worsen a problem that threatens the coffee production in the long term.

Consequently the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) and Solidaridad have developed a virtual course for technicians to promote practices for sustainable soil management. “We want everyone to understand that soil is a fragile medium, and there is need to pay much more attention than usual to it” said Diana Bedoya, the project leader from Solidaridad’s Coffee Program in Colombia.

Access the course

The course includes conceptual, practical and interactive aspects to facilitate learning and can be accessed from anywhere in the country by going to

The idea is that technicians from different member organizations of the Sustainable Trade Platform and GCP register to access, receive training and share their new knowledge with producers. It is expected that this new tool will make it easier to reach the organizations that support producers in improving their productivity and the sustainability of their crops.

For more information on this new program contact Diana Bedoya at: