Vietnam: Aligning information systems across the coffee sector

27 / Apr / 17

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On 13 April GCP organised a workshop to align the various information systems currently used across Vietnam’s coffee sector.

The participants shared brief details on the information systems they use, varying from mobile apps for farmers (Green Coffee project, AgriMedia, and Simexco) to informational websites (IPSARD).

A common coffee information system

The focus then moved towards the formation of a common coffee sector information system managed by MARD and VCCB.

GCP shared its ideas and plan for a common information system, which will include the farmer ID, NSC assurance system, and information on weather, water and agrochemicals, coffee supply estimation, market information, and production practices.

Participants agreed that as the next steps, GCP will:

  • be responsible for developing a common list of information which can be shared by different organizations’ information systems
  • act as coordinator to mobilize the resources of relevant stakeholders in building the coffee sector information system
  • outline a Vietnam structural governance coffee sector information system.