The IPM Coalition launches online database to accelerate the elimination of highly hazardous pesticide use throughout the world

The Global Coffee Platform and eight other international sustainability organizations today launched, an online pesticide database available to farmers for free to support them in eliminating the use of highly hazardous pesticides and more effective implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).

Led by the Global Coffee Platform, the IPM Coalition (all ISEAL Alliance Members) has built a compelling pesticide database for coffee farmers that is free and user-friendly. Developed with the support of the ISEAL Innovations Fund, offers information on pesticides, their hazardous attributes and the different restrictions set by each member of the IPM Coalition. The database is accessible by all type of users (including specialized auditors and producers), who can consult different pesticides schemes, human and environmental hazards of an active ingredient and search for alternatives for managing pests and diseases.

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“The IPM Coalition and the pesticide database is a great example of how the GCP can align and enable a broad spectrum of organizations to collectively act and scale their respective activities of making the coffee sector more sustainable”, Annette Pensel, Executive Director of the Global Coffee Platform.

Additionally, the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI) provides a new level of expertise to the database, especially regarding alternatives. Through CABI’s knowledge and network it will be easier to deliver this information to the coffee producers more efficiently. This partnership with CABI strengthens the IPM Coalition and can bring a wider spread of the sustainability leadership shown by IPM Coalition members into CABI’s groundwork. During the last years, sustainability organizations under the ISEAL Alliance have been discussing the best way to join forces on the pesticides front. While pesticides help control pests and diseases, they may also represent a risk to people using them, final consumers of agricultural products and their surrounding ecosystems.

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The pesticide database is now available for free at The IPM Coalition encourages experts and other interested stakeholders to provide feedback on the database as well as share the link with all relevant stakeholders.

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